You will get shocked when you will see Dubai Police’s Car Fleet

Dubai Police have most exotic cars to catch speeding motorists in the city, Located in the Persian gulf on the edge Arabian dessert, Dubai is one of the most wealthiest cities in the world, With these impossibly fast dream cars lining Dubai’s streets, how do you keep them from speeding through one of the busiest tourist destinations in the world?


#1 McLaren MP4-12C


The Dubai Police added one of the British supercars to its fleet in December 2013.

#2 Bugatti Veyron


Everybody knows what a Veyron can do, It can reach speed 247 miles p/h, Dubai police added this car in 2014.

#3 Lamborghini Aventador


Nobody can hate Lamborghini powered by 691 Horsepower V12 engine, Aventador can reach from 0-60 in 3 seconds it is one insane car in Dubai Police’s Fleet.

#4 BMW I8


The i8 is the newest addition to the Dubai fleet, and since its introduction in 2014, the futuristic BMW has been hailed as the future of super cars. I8 goes 0-60 in 4.2 seconds

#5 Aston Martin One77


One of the most of expensive cars in the world, This car shows us how luxuries Dubai is!

#6 Audi R8


dubai tennis championships atp
dubai tennis championships atp

Even Feliciano Lopez, The famous tennis player took a spin in the Dubai Police Audi R8 ahead of the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships. Courtesy Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships.

This cars shows us that do is not like any other city, It is very unique in its own way, and with each new car Dubai take the top in the headlines.


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