The UAE Plans To Build An Artificial Mountain So That They Can Make The Cloud Rain

The United Arab Emirates famous for its sky high buildings,culture and beaches, is now planning to build a mountain.

They are taking this step, Because the desert flatlands make it difficult for air to evaporate and form rain clouds, the UAE thinks building a mountain can solve the problems that its hot climate poses.


the idea sounds a bit like science fiction, it’s based on a very real meteorological concept called “orographic precipitation.” When moist air rises up one side of a mountain, it cools and forms clouds. Those clouds then produce precipitation, leading to rainfall on the side of the mountain facing the wind.


the country has given $400,000 to the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), a U.S.-based research institute sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

Idea seems good, But in the long term it may cause some trouble to the nature.

Nobody knows!!



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