Top 5 Youtubers That Like Smashing Their Gadgets

It hurts when we drop our expensive phone, Because we are very attached to it.

But these are the guys which break their gadgets for fun and ya, of course ad revenue!

#1 TechRax

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With around 800 million views on his channel, People love watching his videos. He does things which you couldn’t imagine, He drops the phone, he drops the phone in coke, He did a scratch test of his phone with a Hammer and He even shot a phone with a fucking AK 47 rifile!

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#2 Blendtec

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You must have understood from the title! Yes, This guy blends every thing which comes new in the market.

Blendtec is a company which manufactures blenders, The guy in the videos is the founder of the company, You can look it as smart marketing strategy!

Once he even got featured in Discovery Channels’s ”Time Warp” TV series.

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#3 GizmoSlip

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With near about 2 million subscribers, This guy has got more than 1 million views on every video.

The kind of videos he makes is explainable, Watch by yourself!

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#4 EverythingsApplePro

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This youtuber’s channel is kind of exclusive to Apple products.

He first reviews the apple products, Then he takes them to harsh unimaginable conditions.

After iPhone 6’s bend gate issue, He started bending every iPhone and iPad he got in his hand!

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#5 Adrianisen

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He is a very famous youtuber, he reviews every phone which comes out in the market.

But at times does not feel shy in dropping his phones to check the durability.

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What are your thoughts for these Youtubers??

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