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TESLA Cars Will Soon Be Able To Stream Netflix and YouTube Says Elon Musk

Elon Musk previously hinted that the in-car displays found in Teslas have for drivers they can not only provide information but entertainment as well.

Now he has confirmed that that the cars will soon be able to stream video from Netflix and YouTube.

Tesla in June announced the games that drivers can play on the displays, The games only work when the car is parked and players can use the steering wheel as a remote controller.

The same thing applies to Youtube and Netflix.

Ability to stream when the car is parked is coming soon and the ability to stream while the car is moving is subject to regulatory approvals.  Elon Musk Tweeted –

Tesla also released some old classic Atari games and cuphead last month.

Most likely owners of Telsa Model 3 and Model Y will benefit from this because both models are fitted with horizontal displays, While the Model S has a vertical display.

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