The Ozone Layer is Healing, The treaty is actually working

Rejoice humans!

The ozone layer is finally healing Nearly 30 years after the landmark Montreal Protocol went into effect to protect our planet’s stratospheric ozone layer.

While it is taking longer time than initially expected when scientists first raised the alarm about the ability of long-lived chemicals, known as chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs, to deplete the protective ozone layer, the new findings offer a rare instance of positive environmental news in a time of growing concern about other growing planetary challenges.


“Most people focus on October when looking at the ozone hole because it is the month when the ozone hole is largest and most severely depleted,” said study co-author Diane Ivy of MIT

This observation of ozone layer is usually done through balloons launched from Antarctica, satellites designed to measure stratospheric ozone concentrations as well as computer models that simulate the evolution of the chemistry in the upper atmosphere and the response to volcanic eruptions.

Here is a video by NASA which shows the ozone levels

The treaty solved a major problem

“Perhaps the greatest takeaway from this is that humans can come together to solve a large environmental challenge,” Ivy said.

It’s beach time friends, Just keep your Sun creams handy


A study Showed last year that without Montreal Protocol, the Antarctic ozone hole would have grown by 40 percent.


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