This Man Won Free World Tour After He Caught All The Pokemon In The USA

Nick Johnson ,Who became the first person to catch all the Pokemon in the USA, Well he just got  free world tour so that he can catch all of the Pokemon in the world!

Yeah! That’s true you believe it or not

nick johnson photo

The original video game that Pokémon Go is based on has a total of 151 monsters. 142 of them can be caught in the US, and Mr Johnson has all of them in his Pokedex. 6 of the others are currently unaccounted for, while the other 3 can be caught in certain parts of the world.

Marriott Rewards and Expedia sponsored a free trip for nick and his girlfriend, They will first fly to Paris to catch Mr. Mime after which they will head to Hong Kong in search of Farfetch’d. A day after that, they will fly to Sydney to catch Australia’s Kangaskhan.

is company, tech startup Applico, is also enjoying the attention that Johnson’s achievement has brought: Johnson did an interview with CBS New York at the office and gave a presentation on Pokémon Go at a company-sponsored event.


As for those final six rare Pokémon that nobody can find, Pokémon Go developer Niantic recently hinted that they could be coming soon and might have something to do with the three teams that players choose early in the game!



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