Iran Bans Import of Chevrolet Cars

Recently, Iran banned the import of Chevrolet cars after Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei criticized imports of US autos and asked the government to support domestic production.


An order of 200 Chevrolet cars, worth $7 million, should be cancelled. Chevrolets are made by General Motors, An official of Ministry Of Industry said.

“The person who has registered the car orders has been informed that their import is not allowed. The cars are not in the country yet and were only loaded to be shipped to Iran”

The list, published on the official portal of the industry ministry of Industry, includes only a handful of foreign carmakers such as BMW, Hyundai and Posrche . The name of Chevrolet has now been removed from the list.

Khamenei Said that Rich people drove these cars in Tehran the capital of Iran, saying that they are bad influence for the younger generation.



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