How to start your own country!

Ever wondered how countries are formed or thought of starting your own, Well technically yes! you can

So, How exactly you can do it

The qualification for what constitutes a ”Nation” were clearly recorded in 1933 Montevideo Convention. This agreement defined a state, regardless other countries accept it or not. This is called declarative theory.

Well without any international acceptance your country is only relevant within your borders, But if that is okay for you then bamm..

This is what you need to do next

#1 You will need a permanent population


As of now no country has been denied for having too small of population. So, if the population is permanent then you are good to go.

#2 You must have defined territory

This is where you can get into trouble, Because except some areas, nearly all the area on the earth is claimed. This leaves us to very few choices.


  • Build an island
  • Buy an island
  • Annex a territory

That’s at least 200 nautical miles away from the nearest claimed territory, and don’t forget for this you have to be a millionaire!!

You need to be able to define your borders and must have some form of control over them.

#3 You will need a government


Well, If you know the meaning of the government and you know what are the functions of the government then you are qualified to form a government, For instance- Policy decisions,Justice system infrastructure and economy must be controlled by the government.

It is on you that you want your country to be democratic,despotic or a monarchy. at last

#4 Intensity to enter in relation with other states


Relation with neighboring states is very necessary for the development of country. So, you can send an email, or  a message to the neighboring government just saying “Hello” and that’s enough!

This is how recently a micro nation named Liberland was formed between Croatia and Serbia.

Starting your own country is a very easy process, provided that you have guts to do it.


If you were thinking to start a new country then, Tell us what are your thoughts!

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