This Chinese man has been living in a village alone since 10 years

A Chinese man Liu Shengjia has been living alone in village since 10 years, except for a few sheep as companions!

Liu makes up the one-person population of Xuenshanshe village in northwest China’s Gansu province.

According to Liu, there used to be at least 20 families living in the same village, but they had started to relocate when natural resources became scarce and people started dying from old age.


By 2006, Everybody left him the last of his surviving relatives passed on and Liu was the only person left behind.


People’s Daily interviewed him, he told that –

“In the beginning, I wasn’t able to sleep at night while listening to the howling of the wild dogs, But after I started to tend a few sheep and they’ve become my companions, I slowly got used to living alone.”


Liu also works as a temporary forest watcher for the local forestry protection station to make ends meet. He earns 700 yuan ($107) a month at his job.

“Surviving here is not a problem for me, but I still prefer to move to a more populous area when the time comes,”


Liu said that there are some advantages of living alone in the village, he could choose whichever house to live in, most of which still contained stuff that belonged to its previous owners.


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