China Builds World’s Biggest Air Purifier 328-Feet High Tower

China is try so hard to curb its pollution problem,

According to local reports, the 328-foot tower in Xi’an, Shaanxi province, uses greenhouses at its base. Polluted air is suctioned into the greenhouses, which are heated by solar energy, before climbing the tower through layers of cleansing filters, reported the South China Morning PostPrevious versions of the air purifier include the 23-foot Smog Free Tower, which uses patented positive-ionization technology to create smog-free air in public spots, according to its manufacturers.

In 2015, air pollution in China killed about 1.8 million people, according to the peer-reviewed journal The Lancet in one of the most expansive reports on its impact.

Air Purifier is doing its work perfectly, The pollution and smog have already decreased in the area with an improvement in the air quality.

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