Carlsberg Develops World’s First ‘Paper’ Beer Bottles That Can Be Recycled

The Danish Beer company has just released two research prototypes for paper bottles it’s been working on. Called a “Green Fibre Bottle”, it’s a storage container for their beer in the market that should be easier on the environment, as well as easier to recycle.

Fiber bottles are better for the environment than aluminum or glass because they are sourced in a sustainable way, and because the material has a “very low impact on the production process,” explained Myriam Shingleton, vice president of group development for Carlsberg.

Shingleton noted that Carlsberg isn’t hoping to replace its cans and bottles with the new model. Instead, the company wants to offer its customers another option.

Carlsberg’s bottle uses sustainably-sourced wood fibers to manufacture, the company announced at the C40 World Mayors Summit in Copenhagen on Friday. They began developing the idea back in 2015, and have been working with packaging experts and academics ever since.

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