Two Friends Rescued Abandoned Animals While Hunting for Pokemon

Two friends were catching Pokemon on recently launched Pokemon Go app, But look what they found.

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Sara Perez and her friend Matthew Teague were playing the game at a park in South Houston on Tuesday when they stumbled upon a cage full of 20 hamsters and seven newborn mice, apparently abandoned in the strong heat.

”We were just surprised and confused, and we looked around the park and called out to see if anyone was there, but there was no one,” Perez told Click2 Houston.The cage was inside a box with no water and just a bit of birdseed.

She said not sure why someone abandoned them, but suspects it’s because someone “got overwhelmed with how much it takes to take care to an animal, or they just didn’t care at all and left them to die.”

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She then told The Huffington Post in an email “there was no one else at the park” so her and Teague rescued the animals and took them to her home.



Technology is evolving to another level guys!

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