Time Lapse Of The Taj Mahal Is Most Amazing Thing You Will Watch Today

Everyone admires the beauty of The Taj Mahal! as one of the wonders of the world.



Do you know that The Taj Mahal changes its hue at different times of the day and during different seasons of the year.It can look pink in the morning, golden in the evening, milky white under moonlight etc

The two Indian photographers Anuj Nigam and Nilesh Ukey spent around 200 days and Rs 8 lakh and clicked 35,000 photographs to make a four-minute time-lapse film on the Taj Mahal.

Have a look –

And speaking to the Times Of India, Anuj said,

“Before we could shoot a single frame, we had to get all the required permissions.”

”We spoke less and asked for five minutes of their time to show our films. It worked beautifully. It reduced the number of questions we had to answer,”

Isn’t it amazing!

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