Teen Crashed The Car Because Of Snapchat, Lawsuit Claims

Trying to capture the perfect Snapchat is normal, But but a speeding selfie is dangerous!

Christal McGee, An 18 year old teen wanted to see how fast she could drive and share the speed on Snapchat, With Snapchat’s speed filter, which lets users display the speed at which they’re moving while taking a photo.


“Snapchat’s speed filter facilitated McGee’s excessive speeding. McGee was motivated to drive at an excessive speed in order to obtain recognition through Snapchat by the means of a Snapchat ‘trophy,”

– The complaint states

Even after the accident, McGee took to the social media platform to post another bloody-faced selfie with the caption.

”Lucky to be alive”


Uber driver Wentworth Maynard’s car was struck by McGee’s car, which was traveling at 107 mph, according to the suit.

Wentworth Maynard suffered from brain injury.

Maynard’s lawyers aren’t simply suing McGee for negligence. They’re also suing Snapchat.

Snapchat has an in-app warning which deters users from using the filter while driving. Their terms of service say, “Do not use our Services in a way that could distract you from obeying traffic or safety laws. And never put yourself or others in harm’s way just to capture a Snap.”

oh McGee!!


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