Over 300 Flights Cancelled at Munich Airport Just Because of a Makeup Bag

No one likes their flights being canceled or delayed, but that’s not in our control, have a look this case at Munich airport.

A 40-year-old passenger was passing through security at Munich Airport, the second busiest in Germany. Security found liquids in the cosmetics bag in her hand luggage that did not meet LAG restrictions, so the passenger elected to return to check-in, so she could check her hand luggage, rather than disposing of the liquids.

Every passenger who cleared security was redirected through arrivals to go once again through security.

Passengers shared their grievances on twitter,

31,000 passengers were informed that their flights were either delayed or cancelled, as passengers simply couldn’t get to their planes for the planes to take off. 330 flights were cancelled, That night, 700 passengers had to sleep in the airport.

the airport operators suspended three security staff, Probably those who were operating the security check-point and had allowed the woman to pass through unchecked.

According to One Mile a Time

”The incident is expected to cost the airport and affected airlines (in particular Lufthansa) in excess of €1 million ($1.16 million). This actually seems fairly low considering the number of flights and passengers affected.”

Have you ever experienced this type of chaos ?

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