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Now You Can Buy Drones With Flamethrower!

Drones have bad reputation because of some privacy concerns.

But, Now they can be equipped with fire-spitting flamethrower!

Throwflame’s TF-19 WASP drone attachment is capable of shooting targets with flames from 25 feet away. Every gallon of fuel capacity will get you 100 seconds of firing time.

According to Throwflame, the TF-19 WASP is made from carbon fiber and designed for drones with a five-pound payload capacity or more. In the video above, the flamethrower is shown mounted to a DJI S1000 drone.

It looks so Scary, Because it can get dangerous if gets into the hands of wrong people.

Use cases for a flame-shooting drone, according to the company:

  • Clear debris from power lines
  • Pest management and nest elimination
  • Forest fire containment back-burns / pre-burns
  • Remote agriculture burns

The catch (because there’s always one, right?) is the WASP costs a whopping $1,500 — and that’s without a drone. Add on the cost of a DJI S1000+ drone, which runs $1,500, and you’re looking at $3,000 for the full setup.

It brings the hell out of drones!

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