Monster Aircraft AIRBUS Beluga XL is here!

Monster Aircraft Beluga XL, nicknamed ‘whale of the sky’ made its maiden flight recently. The cargo aircraft, which has a whale’s face painted on it, First developed in 2014,

The Beluga XL has a wingspan of 198 feet and can hold two A350 XWB wings. The updated model has a 30% increase in capacity as compared to the original Beluga, which has been around since 1995. Five Beluga XLs will be phased in to replace the old model by 2023. With plans to get the oversized whale into operation by 2019, it has successfully completed its first flight in France on July 19, 2018.

The airplanes carry parts for all of Airbus’ planes from manufacturing sites across Europe to the final assembly facilities in either Toulouse, Hamburg or Tianjin.

Irrespective of this much huge size beluga XL cannot carry most of the parts of Airbus A380.

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