This Kickstarter Project Has Made an IPhone ‘Case’ That Litteraly Runs on Android

Ever heard about iPhone running on android? No, Then this Kickstarter project team is trying to do something that will make your iPhone run on android!


The Eye is an iPhone case seeking funding on Kickstarter and has already received 300% of its funding goal of 95000$, It’s got two SIM card slots, is expandable by microSD cards, has a 3.5mm headphone jack and IR blaster, and contains its own separate battery and NFC chip, and it’s got its own screen, a 5-inch AMOLED display.

At that granny in ad film looks life she is from future!

Eye is available to back on Kickstarter for an early-bird price of $95 (without 4G) or $129 (with 4G). Esti Inc. hopes to ship to backers in August or September later this year in the US more countries to follow soon.


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