Germans Were Actually Paid Money To Use Excess Electricity.

Fed up of electricity bills, Well you are going to get more jealous, The general public didn’t have to pay any electricity bills in Germany for the weekend, and were in fact paid to use power.

Electricity tariffs in the country went into the negative for most people on that Sunday and Monday, December 24 and 25, because they just had more power than was needed.

Germany has invested over $200 billion in renewable energy over the past few decades, especially wind and solar power. Unfortunately, they don’t have the battery technology to store any excess power. On most days, that question never arises. However, on days when it’s sunnier than usual or major holidays when major factories are closed, the power plants generate more electricity than the entire country needs. And with the supply so much more than the demand, it obvious drops the price below zero.

Some factory owners and other major consumers were at times paid more than 50 euros!

Time to move to germany.


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