Etihad airways pilot aborts take-off so couple can see dying grandson

An Eithad Airways pilot aborted take-off on a flight from Manchester Airport at the last minute to allow an elderly couple to get off the aircraft and rush to their dying grandson’s bedside.

According to local UK newspapers, the Etihad Airways flight had already begun taxiing on the runway at Manchester Airport when the couple received a text message from their son-in-law saying their grandson was seriously ill and in intensive care.

The couple’s travel counsellor Becky Stephenson took to her Facebook page to say that in her –

“25 years on the job had she ever heard of an airline going above and beyond with their customer service.”

The airline has received widespread praise for its actions on social media as every little detail had been taken care of. The flight was headed to Australia via Abu Dhabi from Manchester airport last Wednesday.

Stephenson said on her Facebook post that the couple, who did not wish to be named, were thankful to have had the chance to say goodbye to their grandson.



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