Elon Musk Invites Other Car Makers To Use Tesla Software And Batteries!

Last month Tesla became the most valuable automaker by market cap.

According to Elon Musk, Tesla’s mission is not to crush its rivals in the auto market. Instead, the company’s true mission is to accelerate the advent of sustainable energy. The company would be willing to do what it can to accomplish this goal, including supplying its own competitors with key components that would allow them to produce electric cars that are comparable to Tesla’s lineup.

He tweeted –

Tesla used to supply powertrains and batteries to Mercedes-Benz and Toyota, who both used to be Tesla shareholders, but they stopped in 2015 after ending all their programs.

In another tweet, Musk also said that Tesla would also share its Autopilot tech. The system has had its fair share of problems but if the software and tech are to go into the hands of more engineers and tech departments across the globe, more minds can be invested in perfecting it.

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