Dude Tries To Crowdfund An Expensive engagement ring, fails miserably

The usual rule to buy engagement ring is that you should spend 3 month’s salary,

But this is what William Oliver, a 30-year old in Atlanta, is trying to do. He’s crowdfunding the purchase of a $15,000 ring for his girlfriend, Alexandra. Yes, sadly, this is real. You can read his GoFundMe page and weep.

He said –

My approach is a little different. We have friends, family, and colleagues that don’t mind passing up a drink or a sandwich to help out. Anything helps. All proceeds will go to the purchase of a beautiful engagement ring one that WE ALL can be proud of. Call me crazy but Love is Free Not Engagement Rings and Weddings.

As of yet he has only raised 609$ out of his goal of 15000$!

It looks like his girlfriend will have to wait for a while.


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