This Couple Did an Amaizing Thing That will bring Back Your Trust in Humanity

This Couple from Oklahoma Keri and her husband Royce went for an ultrasound scan to find out their baby’s sex. They came to know that it would be a baby girl but it tore their world apart when they were informed that their daughter had a terminal condition known as anencephaly.

They decided to name their daughter Eva, which means “life”. She would be born with a perfect heart, perfect body but with a half-developed brain. The condition is so rare that it only occurs in six births per every 1,000 births in the US. Unfortunately, babies born with this condition tend to only tend to survive for a few days.

After listening to this they could have induced an early pregnancy but they decided to take the pregnancy to full-term so that Eva’s organs could be donated after her death. They feel they cannot save Eva but she can save the lives of many others. Keri and Royce also have a 2-year-old son named Harrison.

“This is our daughter’s perfect heart. She has perfect feet and perfect hands. She has perfect kidneys, perfect lungs and a perfect liver. Sadly, she doesn’t have a perfect brain. We found out recently she has anencephaly and is terminal. Faced with terrible options we have decided to continue the pregnancy to full term so Eva, which literally means life, can grow strong and give life to multiple people through organ donation.”

“It Takes Lives To Save Lives.”


We salute the couple for their kindness!

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