Chinese are even copying your favorite cars

Chinese are very famous for their knock offs, But have you ever wondered that they can make copies of your favorite cars.

Yes, They are making copies of Land Rover,Porsche,Audi,Jeep and Rolls Royce.

Here are some pictures of copies cars

*1 LandWind x7




It is not a Range Rover, It is Landwind X7, It’s a highly convincing copy of the Range Rover Evoque.

*2 Eagle



It looks exact copy of Porsche Cayman. The Eagle is a car designed to show off the country’s expertise in producing an electric sports cars, but there’s no getting away from which cars the designer has taken his cues from.

*3 JAC A6




Even the name is copied from Audi A6,  It seems that JAC was quite happy to own up when it badged its latest release the A6. Yes, that’s right, the A6.

*4 BAIC X424


The BAIC X424 has a hint of the Jeep Cherokee at the front with the large grille openings, while the side profile is clearly taken from the rugged Wrangler model.





It is 100% copy of Rolls Royce Phantom, If don’t have $400,000 and you want to drive a Rolls Royce then this is for you!

*6 Lifan 330



Well, Original MINI Cooper looks much better than this, But with round headlights, that front grille and the cheeky hatchback shape it kind of looks the same!!



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