Canada announces basic income for the residents

Imagine, If you get a basic income without doing any extra work or struggle!

Ontario’s government announced in February that a pilot program will be coming to the Canadian province sometime later this year.

“We need it rolled out across Canada, and Quebec, too, is in the game,” said chair of BICN, Sheila Regehr,

“So there’s no reason why people and governments in other parts of this country need sit on the sidelines – it’s time for us all to get to work.”

“There are many different types of guaranteed minimum income,” Duclos told The Globe and Mail. “I’m personally pleased that people are interested in the idea.”

Other countries like Finland and Netherlands are also planning to implement this idea, people will receive an additional 800 euros per month, or just shy of $900.

Some of you will think that this will make people lazy but the truth is opposite, people in one 2013 study actually worked 17% longer hours and received 38% higher earnings when basic income was given a shot.



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