Bailong Elevator China’s 1,070-Foot-Tall Glass Elevator That Touches The Sky

Located in the Wulingyuan Scenic Area in central China’s Zhangjiajie Forest Park, the elevator is known as ‘hundred dragons sky lift’. The £13mn project was shut down earlier due to safety concerns but since it’s reopening, tourists have literally been attracted to it like moth to a flame.

This Elevator touches the sky, Literally the sky




This tourist spot will also open the world’s longest glass-bottomed in the coming month.the lift already has three records enlisted in the Guinness World Records –

”The world’s tallest full-exposure outdoor elevator, the world’s tallest double-deck sightseeing elevator and the world’s fastest passenger elevator with biggest carrying capacity”


Though not for kind hearted people, But this looks beautiful in the pictures.


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